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Who is Buzz’s Bee Removal?

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Sandy Springs provides local residents and business owners with effective bee removal services so that no one has to worry about getting stung or their home being damaged by these pests. Our team is highly trained and goes to multiple seminars and workshops every year to keep up-to-date with the most advanced techniques for treating bees, wasps, and hornets.

Bee Removal of Sandy Springs

Our licensed bee removal specialists will carefully remove any bees on your property while protecting you, your family, and any pets that you might own. It is important to know what caused the bee infestation in the first place. There are usually more bee infestations during the Spring and Summer months. They look for hollowed out areas for their hives. This could include a hollow tree or even in the walls of your home. We will first find the beehive on your property, then we will perform our professional Sandy Springs bee removal service. Finally, we will determine why they built their hive where they did and then we will take the necessary preventative steps to make sure that they don’t come back in the future.

wasp hive removal
bee removal

Wasp Removal of Sandy Springs

If you have a wasp nest on your property do not try to remove it and the wasps on your own. Wasps are very territorial insects and will attack you repeatedly if they feel intimidated. It is better to contact our Sandy Springs wasp removal specialists for reliable pest control services. Our team will quickly arrive at your property and will begin a thorough analysis of the species of a wasp on your property and the best way of exterminating them. After that, we will remove the wasps in the safest way possible and will get rid of the nest on your property. Finally, we will take the necessary wasp prevention methods to make sure that they don’t come back in the future. Our services are fast and affordable so if you have a wasp infestation on your property you should contact our exterminators today.

Hornet Removal of Sandy Springs

Our hornet removal services are ideal for homeowners and business owners in Sandy Springs. Hornet removal is a very dangerous task that should only be handled by professionals to remove the risk of getting hurt. Hornet venom isn’t harmful to most people but some people might have an allergic reaction that could be fatal. Our affordable services are also Eco-friendly and use the most high-tech equipment and advanced techniques. If you have a hornet infestation on your property then you should contact us today. We would love to help you get rid of your stinging pests quickly and effectively.


When Should You Call Us?

If you have an infestation on your property you should call us right away. We can quickly remove and bees, wasps, or hornets on your property as well as their hives. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting stung any longer. It is a dangerous task to try to exterminate these pests so it is best to leave it to the professionals. This way you won’t get hurt and you property will be protected from future infestations.

residential bee removal

Commercial and Residential Services

Our team offers commercial and residential services to the homeowners and business owners of Sandy Springs. If you are having trouble with bees, wasps, or hornets on your property then call us today. We would love to help you no matter how big or small the infestation is. Our services are fast, affordable, and reliable so that you don’t have to stress about being stung again.

What We Offer

Bee Hive Removal

We provide the residents and business owners of Sandy Springs, GA with fast beehive removal solutions. We offer the best Sandy Springs bee removal services because we are much faster and more affordable than our competitors.

Non-Lethal Bee Removal

Honey bees are super important for the environment so we are sure to remove them from your property and take them to a local Sandy Springs beekeeper in the safest manner possible. No bees will be harmed and they will continue to live happily with the beekeeper.

Bee Prevention Methods

Once the beehive is removed, we will perform all of the necessary preventative measures in order to keep bees off of your property in the future. This way you won’t have to think about bees bugging you again for a really long time.

Wasp Nest Removal

Sandy Springs wasps are very dangerous to handle without professional help. Do not try to take care of a wasp infestation unless you are a professional. Please contact us immediately and we will be able to take care of any wasp problems on your property in no time.

Routine Wasp Control Checkups

We will perform routine checkups on your property to make sure that you are constantly protected from the threat of wasps. Georgia wasps can be a real pain so routinely checking to make sure that they aren’t taking over is recommended.

Wasp Prevention Methods

We have advanced processes that guarantee wasp infestation prevention far into the future. Our team will take all of the necessary precautions in order to keep the wasps off of your property for a long time. Call us today for your Sandy Springs wasp removal needs.

Hornet Nest Removal

Hornets are very territorial insects so they will not hesitate to sting if they feel threatened. Hornets have been getting worse in Sandy Springs. If you have a hornet nest on your property then you can call us and we will quickly and safely remove the nest and all hornets from your property. This way, you can stop stressing about the possibility of being stung.

Routine Hornet Nest Checkup

We can perform routine checkups on your residential or commercial property so that you can be sure that the hornets are staying off of your property. These services can be scheduled with our helpful representatives and do not require a contract. Our team will arrive at your property and will perform a thorough analysis to make sure that no hornets are trying to begin invading again.

Hornet Prevention Methods

After we completely remove any hornets on your property, we will perform a series of preventative steps to make sure that the hornets do not come back in the future. This service ensures long-term protection from hornets and will allow you to walk outside without the risk of being stung. Call our team today to remove or prevent any stinging pests on your property.

Why Choose Buzz’s Bee Removal?

Our services are competitively priced and are extremely fast and safe. We use Eco-friendly sprays as well as advanced techniques and industrial equipment to make sure the pests are completely removed from your property. Our team of professionals has been through hours of training and years of experience so that they are prepared for any infestation out there.


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